Fair. The dictionary defines this as treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination. What does it mean to you though?
You know we’re passionate about good quality clothing, but did you know we’re also passionate about the effect our clothing has from beginning to end? Part of the reason we print on Continental Clothing T-shirts is because they’re Fair Wear. To us, fair means that everyone in the process of making Mosphaiti T-shirts is treated right. No child labour, no forced labour, safe working conditions and no excessive hours of work. We want everyone to love our products, especially those that choose to spend their days making them!
We’re really proud that you can wear your Mosphaiti T-shirt knowing that it has had a good start in life, and hopefully it will give that good start it’s received, back to you! So go on, wear it proudly!
If you want to find out more about Fair Wear here’s some more info: 
July 21, 2014 — Tom Robinson