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About Us

We are Mosphaiti (mɒsfeiti / mos-fay-tee), a clothing company based in the Newcastle Upon Tyne in the north of the UK. A small independent run by a couple of friends, Tom, Sam and Sarah.


We started in 2013 out of an idea of wanting to do something better with our spare time. We very quickly established that quality was the main thing we wanted to get right. From the quality of the T-shirt, the print, the packaging, we wanted to make sure it was something we were happy with and would want to buy ourselves. We spent a good few months testing out different blank T-shirts for quality of feel, fit, printing ability and more, in addition to putting them through multiple washes to check how they would react. After plenty of testing we unsurprisingly went with a more expensive set of blank garments, but we're not in it for massive profit, if we were we could just get a bunch of poor quality cheap tees and flog them off.

Another factor in our decision making was around responsibility. It was important to make sure we were being responsible with our garments and suppliers. Our main range of clothing is printed on blanks from sweatshop free suppliers. This was something really important to us that there was no use of forced labour , child labour, excessive work hours and a safe working environment.

We don't want to categorise ourselves into a particular market or niche, more over catering to any specific style, simply making T-shirts and designs we think are cool. We take our influences from bands, sports, and everything else around us.

We finally launched our initial range of T shirts and accessories on the 7th of July 2013 and have been growing every since. Everything we have done has all been around us having some fun. We're a few friends who use friends to print the clothes, friends to model them, and friends to do the photoshoots! You can find a list of who's who on our FAQ page!

A portion of our profits are donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society as it is something very close to us. You can find out more about MS or how you can get involved here: What Is MS 






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