Releasing new stuff

We've now received most of our new drop of items for 2014. We've got some amazing new tote bags with a really detailed design, some pull over hoodies, loads of new beanies and a new t shirt.

The totes and beanies are now ready to buy on the store at just £10 each and were looking to get the T shirts and hoodies up as soon as possible after we can get some good photos. It's been difficult to organise a photoshoot so we just want a few product shots for now so that you can buy them and us get them shipped to you before Christmas.

We've also got a few more little things which will be ready for launch in spring next year!

December 10, 2014 — Tom Robinson

We're nearly there

It's been a really busy week for the Mosphaiti team! We've been working hard to finalise and touch up the new designs that we're really excited to share with you. We've put a lot of planning into our new range of garments, but also into a timeline for new releases over the next 6 months. 

Previously there has been quite a gap between a lot of our products coming out, and we want to reduce that so theres something new a lot quicker than before. One of the things we have worked on to reduce this time is putting a lot of planning into what we would love Mosphaiti to have as a full range, then prioritise our favourite ideas and those which are relevant to the time of year. We've invested a lot into lots of sample garments and plenty of different colours to diversify our range



We hope you're going to enjoy the new range that is going to print and will be out very soon and we can't wait to give you more little sneak peaks of whats coming!

October 28, 2014 — Tom Robinson

It's been a while

Woah, it's been a while. Whilst we've been pretty active on Facebook and twitter, we have neglected our blog a bit! Some of the Mosphaiti team have been on holiday for a few weeks and we've all been very busy. That said we've been working hard on getting out some new products and garments, in addition to finalising preparations on getting into our first retail shop.

We're really excited that in just a couple of weeks time Mosphaiti Clothing will be stocked in Whosit and Whatsit in Newcastle upon Tyne. It's going to be a great adventure and we can't wait to give you more details.

It's also been a while since we've had any new products out, infact its been since summer when we released our bamboo sunglasses which were a great success. We're really happy with the feedback you guys have given us and its certainly given us ideas for next summer!

That aside, it's taken a while because we've wanted to get things right. We've go so many ideas about what we want to do and sometimes we need to slow ourselves down and work hard on putting the time and effort into a few products of real quality. So in the next few weeks we will be releasing quite a few things! We've got some great new T-shirts that we're wrapping up and some cool new accessories we think you'll love.

It's a hectic time for us to get it all ready, but we want everything out well before Christmas so you can all enjoy it for the winter holiday period, and beyond!


We're really excited, and think you will be to!


October 20, 2014 — Tom Robinson

Fair wear clothing from Mosphaiti

Fair. The dictionary defines this as treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination. What does it mean to you though?
You know we’re passionate about good quality clothing, but did you know we’re also passionate about the effect our clothing has from beginning to end? Part of the reason we print on Continental Clothing T-shirts is because they’re Fair Wear. To us, fair means that everyone in the process of making Mosphaiti T-shirts is treated right. No child labour, no forced labour, safe working conditions and no excessive hours of work. We want everyone to love our products, especially those that choose to spend their days making them!
We’re really proud that you can wear your Mosphaiti T-shirt knowing that it has had a good start in life, and hopefully it will give that good start it’s received, back to you! So go on, wear it proudly!
If you want to find out more about Fair Wear here’s some more info: 
July 21, 2014 — Tom Robinson

First new product of Year 2

One of the things we enjoy most at the Mosphaiti HQ is looking at what new products and garments we can come up with.We spend a long time sourcing the best quality products to start with and apply our simple and recognisable designs to them. We're really happy to now release our first new product of year two of Mosphaiti, so here it is!


We've come up with some great quality sunglasses perfect for summer. They are a wayfarer style design and feature dark plastic lenses alongside high quality bamboo frames, with a de-bossed and stained in Mosphaiti logo. They're on sale now, 17th ofJuly,  through our accessories page. We've got a lot more planned and can't wait to show you what we've got next!

July 17, 2014 — Tom Robinson

What we're about

It's a couple minutes before 9pm and I'm adding the finishing touches to the website. We're going to try keep this blog updated very regularly and give you content you won't see on our other social media sites. Mosphaiti year two has a lot to come!

You'll see lots of new content on the website, including a video, which shows what we're all about, friends having a good time. We're not making T-shirts to become millionaires, it's all about making clothes that we want to wear and what inspires us when we have fun together.

July 07, 2014 — Tom Robinson

Not long to go!

It's the second of July and theres some loud window cleaning machine outside the flat. I'm racing to finish off the new look website ready for the re-launch on the 7th. We've wanted to tidy up the site a bit, add more colour by the way of a few new photos as well as make Mosphaiti a bit more personal by starting a blog!


We've still got a lot to do before we relaunch on the 7th, the website aside, we've got a fun video to edit, new products to finalise and new designs to mull over. Mosphaiti 2.0 will promise a lot more!




July 02, 2014 — Tom Robinson